Victoria and Albert Museum- Significant Collections of Art and Design

Discover one of the greatest collection of art and design at the Victoria and Albert Museum while you are in London. M. Rahman Victoria and Albert Museum acknowledged as the greatest collections of art and design in the world. The museum has a rich collection of artefacts from many of the world’s richest cultures spanning … Read more

The Shard Tower, Stunning View Of Beautiful London City.

The Shard Tower, a Superb View of London  Shard Tower or “The Shard” became one of London’s most visited tourist attractions in the last few years. Londoner’s have watched in amazement how this iron structure developed high into the sky.  The Tower is one of the most elevated buildings throughout Europe. The best part is … Read more

The National Gallery London | Download Map | UK Tour Center

  The History of the National Gallery in London The story of the National Gallery (National Art Gallery – National Art Museum) started in 1824. That time the House of Commons spent £57000 to buy 38 collected pictures from John Julius Angerstein. A few years later, after a lengthy discussion concerning the gallery location, in … Read more

Tower Bridge London a Historical Mark on Any Trip+Exhibition Tickets

Discover the stories behind Tower Bridge London with UK Tour Centre. View the engineering, architecture, and people who built the most iconic bridge in the world. What can you do at Tower Bridge? Step inside and see the Tower Bridge Exhibition on display—what better way to explore than seeing history unfold in front of your eyes. View the new … Read more

O2 Arena-Everything You Need to Know About the Indoor Venue Dome

Visit the O2 Arena in London for fantastic entertainment all under one roof. O2 Arena is a leisure complex home to bars, pubs, restaurants, corporate hire space, a Cine World Complex and so much more. The arena itself provides you with a large indoor venue hosting concerts, shows, sport, Entertainment, Exhibition, Stone Free Festival, Family, … Read more

Shopping Places in London| Enjoyable time and Bargain

Shopping Places in London and the excitements of visiting best shopping malls in London including the street markets makes your trip unforgettable. Shopping places in London are the best. The city might be hectic, loud and all-too-often grungy, but extraordinarily creative. People and especially the first time traveller to London usually ask where the shopping … Read more

Getting Around London It’s Cheaper With Public Transport in London

Getting around London it’s easy and cheaper when Public Transport in London is serving you.                   Getting around London – Each year a huge number of people travelling to London to explore the top tourist desired destinations for excellent reasons. Whether you are going to see a … Read more

Afternoon Tea At The Ritz London|Top Tips & Booking Option

Enjoy an Afternoon Tea at the Ritz Recently we recommend a tour of Buckingham Palace and Royal afternoon tea. But this time we want you to enjoy the most excellent and beautiful slice of life with an afternoon tea at the Ritz. You can enjoy a selection of freshly baked scones with cream and strawberries … Read more

Big Ben London May Be Silent but Still is a Major Attraction To Visit.

The Big Ben London is not currently, open to the public. But the visitor from overseas can still see the clock tower standing tall and pay a visit to the Houses of Parliament. Big Ben is one of London’s iconic monuments to visit while in the UK. The bell has fallen silent for the next four years while … Read more

Things To do in London |London Events in September

There is no short of things to do in London during September as the city comes alive with many activities you can attend.  Things to do in London in September give you the latest fashion shows from talented designers around the world. We have reached the end of the summer with September things to do … Read more