Victoria and Albert Museum- Significant Collections of Art and Design

Discover one of the greatest collection of art and design at the Victoria and Albert Museum while you are in London. M. Rahman Victoria and Albert Museum acknowledged as the greatest collections of art and design in the world. The museum has a rich collection of artefacts from many of the world’s richest cultures spanning … Read more

The Shard Tower, Stunning View Of Beautiful London City.

The Shard Tower, a Superb View of London  Shard Tower or “The Shard” became one of London’s most visited tourist attractions in the last few years. Londoner’s have watched in amazement how this iron structure developed high into the sky.  The Tower is one of the most elevated buildings throughout Europe. The best part is … Read more

Tower Bridge London a Historical Mark on Any Trip+Exhibition Tickets

Discover the stories behind Tower Bridge London with UK Tour Centre. View the engineering, architecture, and people who built the most iconic bridge in the world. What can you do at Tower Bridge? Step inside and see the Tower Bridge Exhibition on display—what better way to explore than seeing history unfold in front of your eyes. View the new … Read more

O2 Arena-Everything You Need to Know About the Indoor Venue Dome

Visit the O2 Arena in London for fantastic entertainment all under one roof. O2 Arena is a leisure complex home to bars, pubs, restaurants, corporate hire space, a Cine World Complex and so much more. The arena itself provides you with a large indoor venue hosting concerts, shows, sport, Entertainment, Exhibition, Stone Free Festival, Family, … Read more

Day Out with Kids in London Zoo- info and Directions.

London Zoo is Not Just an ordinary Zoo. You can live in luxury and enjoy two-course dinners with breakfast (available from May right through to December) What animals does the London Zoo have? London Zoo is the oldest scientific wildlife zoo on this planet. The London Zoo opened in London on 27 April 1828. The … Read more

Shhhh..Listen! Do You Hear the Sound of London Fashion Week Festival?

The venue attracts over 5, 000 media and pushes buyers, and it has estimated orders between £40 million to £100 million. The London Fashion Week Festival is one event that no one wants to miss when visiting the county. UK Tour Center has all the information available for you if you have missed it in … Read more

Did You Know All Secrets of Tower of London? If Not Read This.

 Tower of London has a history of being used for prison, armoury, mint, menagerie, and a zoo for wild animals. Tower of London – Say the words “Oppression, intrigue, and power” in the middle of the 16th century in England and most peasants would point to the actual Tower of London. Her Majesty’s Royal Palace … Read more

London Dungeon an Incredible Tourist Attractions|Tickets & Video

London Dungeon is one of the most incredible tourist attractions in London. The London Dungeon started in 1974 when Annabel Geddes funded a memorial connected with macabre history depicting gory displays by the museum. Over time, the actual Dungeon offers changed into a great actor-led, interactive experience with both equally amusing and gentle scary aspects, … Read more

Do You Know Why is Everyone so Excited to Visit London? 

Visiting London? What makes London so special? Well, the answer is not just free words, but the sightseeing list is endless when you visit London. Visit London for a perfect and unforgettable experience. Maybe you are not much of a traveller. Maybe you have a tight budget, but there is one place you need to … Read more

Lion King at Lyceum Theatre glories show in London

Lion King at Lyceum Theatre. Book one of the unmissable shows in London. Lion King London show is full of colour glories with many special effects.   The animated Lion King musical movie produced and pictured by Walt Disney Pictures in 1994. Millions of audiences praised The Lion King movie from all over the world. Also, the … Read more