Changing Guard at Buckingham Palace|Dates and Times

Buckingham Palace changing of the guard Dates

Changing Guard at Buckingham Palace is one of the most attracted ceremonies for London visitors.

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What time do the Queen’s Guards change?

Every morning around 11 am the changing Guard ceremony taking place in front of the entrance of Buckingham Palace. Approximately at 10: 45 am the new guard shift will come around the Spur Road. The ceremony schedule from Monday to Saturday starts at 11:00 am and on Sunday is 10:00 am. The ceremony takes about 45 minutes.

Does the changing of the guard happen every day?

The Buckingham Palace Changing of the Guard happens each 2nd day depends on weather condition. However, expect the ceremony cancellation in poor weather.

The Life Guards
Photographer: Mark Leishman

Horse Guards Parade

Same as the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace, the Horse Guards Parade changing Guard also is from Monday to Saturday starts at 11:00 am, and Sunday at 10 am. Most days, the Horse Guards Parade doesn’t get overcrowded. Fewer Visitors, therefore you can have an excellent view. Just make sure you are there at 10:45 am. People who love horses might prefer Horse Guards Parade. From 10 am to 4 pm, you have a chance of having a perfect photograph with a horse guard or selfie in Whitehall street at the front gate.

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In soaked weather, the changing Guard at Buckingham Palace doesn’t take place, and Captain of the Guard cancels the ceremony. The Capitan can make this decision, even at the last minute; therefore, sometimes it is not possible to update people if they are on their way or have arrived already at Buckingham Palace. Besides, to avoid disappointment before planning your move is to check the 5-day weather forecast for London.

Do you know how to realise if the Queen is in residence or not? Just look at the sentries at the front of the palace. If they are four means, she is in the Buckingham Palace or if they are two means, she is away. It’s interesting.


Tips for watching changing of the guard

How to get to Buckingham Palace?

If you have a place in one hotel near Buckingham Palace and the weather is good, you might enjoy the walking to The Buckingham Palace. We do not recommend driving to Buckingham Palace as it would be tough to find a Car Park. But the other alternatives such as “London Public Transport “are:

London Underground Tub MapBy London Underground:

There are four underground Tube Stations, which are about 8 to 15 minutes walking from the Buckingham Palace.

1- Victoria underground Station: this Tube (Subway) is about 15 minutes walk from the Buckingham Palace. This station is on the Victoria Line (Light Blue)District Line (Green) Circle Line (Yellow).

2- Green Park Underground Station: is on Piccadilly Line (Dark Blue), Victoria Line (Light Blue) and Jubilee Line (Gray Line). From this station takes about 10 minutes to get to Buckingham Palace.

3- James’s Park Underground Station: This station is on Circle (Yellow) and District (Green) lines and is 10 minutes walking from Buckingham Palace.

4- Hyde Park Corner Underground Station: This station is another option to use for getting to the Buckingham Palace. This Tube station is on Piccadilly Line(Dark Blue)

London Red BusesBy London Red Buses:

Using London Red Buses is fun. You can enjoy more of the London attractions. The following Bus numbers stop on Buckingham Palace Road: C1-C10-11-211 and 239.


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