Gay Clubs London – Discover The Best Gay Clubs in London

Gay clubs London, attracting many tourists from all over the world!

If you are visiting London and in need of knowing the Gay Clubs in London, you have arrived at the right place to dance the night away. Gay clubs in London have a wealth of the best DJs drumming and teasing your feet late into the night. Dress up and book in while the rhythms of the night build up and make you release your energy while the music pumps and lights wash over you in your pure wild dance.

Gay clubs London

Whether you want to be part of the A-listed at Heaven Gay Club, Boujis or enjoy some fun at Cafe de Paris and party with your friends, London has a variety of choices to tempt all. Either way, while you are here let’s check on some of the finest Gay clubs to dance your way into late London nights.


HEAVEN Gay Club is one of our nominated Gay Clubs in London Heaven- Gay Clubs Londonand a must on your list while visiting London. The Club is one of the most popular gay clubs attracting tourists from all over the world. With its main-floor, stretching endlessly and always packed throughout the night. Also, if you are looking for a more relaxed mood, pay their higher level a visit. The go-go boys take their place on pedestals and dance for you while you sit back and relax a great drink. Alternatively, relax in the busy bar and order your drinks. Everywhere there are nooks where one can gather tactfully when in need of breathing space. HEAVEN Gay Club is one of the best Gay Clubs in London. The club has fabulous music to dance to, the party never seems to end. You can pay them a visit in The Arches, Villiers Street, London WC2N.

BOUJISGay Clubs London

BOUJIS a luxury styled A-list gay club situated in Kensington, attracting the hottest crowd in London. Get yourself on the guest list, as this club is a member’s Gay Club. With a selection of world-class DJs, they keep their clientele coming back for more week after week. BOUJIS presents a strict door policy avoiding disappointment for regular customers. Dress in your best, and you may even be lucky to bump into some famous people along the way.


For an evening of indulgence and decadence, DSTRKT is the gay club to be with. An elegant restaurant serving great food, complemented by an assortment of the best wines in precious bottles. The choice is endless. Dance to the music of some high-profile DJ is playing pounding beats from their state-of-the-art system while keeping their glamorous and fashionable clientele on their feet to the wee hours of the morning. If you do not have a tight budget, DSTRKT is one of the best Gay Club with easy access from Piccadilly Circus.

Gay Clubs in London


This upscale London dance gay club with its Parisian crystal chandeliers and cafe chairs is the place to be to enjoy pure, untouched enjoyment.                           

It may look like a secret member’s gay club, but is not. As soon as stepping through the door, a glittering world opens up before you. Everyone’s clinking glasses and having a good time. For a peaceful setting – pop into the Cabaret show, or for a serene night enjoy some great films. Are you are looking for a more relaxed atmosphere without the booming dance this Gay Club? well,  they have a strict no under the 21-age limit and close to the Piccadilly Circus Tube.

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