London Aquarium Europe’s Largest Marine Life Home- Dont miss out!

London Aquarium Sea Life offers extraordinary marine and underwater life.

London Aquarium opened in 1997 in the heart of London and stretches along the Oceanic Conveyor. Every year, SEA LIFE London magnetises millions of visitors. The London Aquarium is the most significant aquarium in London.  If you are keen on fun, entertainment, and some education, don’t miss visiting the SEA LIFE London Aquarium which is the UK’s top centres in marine management. The Aquarium is the jewel of Europe for tourist attractions and has the most extensive collection of marine life and is the home to 28 SEA LIFE attractions. 

What London Aquarium offers?

The aquarium provides various zones focused on particular parts of the world. For example, Ocean Tunnel, Shark Walk, Rainforests Of The World, Dive Discovery, Pacific Wreck, Penguin Point, Sea Dragon Kingdom, and a lot more. Walk along stunning glass tunnel walkways for an unforgettable experience. 

London Aquarium

Stroll underneath the tropical ocean, as there is plenty to see. For instance, feed the stingrays, watch the divers or pay the touch pools a visit to discovering new things. Make sure you visit some major attractions such as octopus, seahorses, clownfish, and zebra sharks. Discover the marvel of marine life and learn the vital role it plays to help safeguard our seas. The London Aquarium presents all with a leading centre of quality in marine management. It helps with the conservation of marine life and educates all.

How long does it take to go around Sea Life in London?

Normally, it should take around 1.5 to 2 hours to explore the aquarium. But it depends on the visitors’ mood and how keen to enjoy the experience of the “underwater world” visit.

SEA LIFE London Aquarium Advance Ticket

Does the London Aquarium have sharks?

Black Tip Reef SharkVisiting Sharks is one of the amazing parts of SEA LIFE in London. You can see lots of sharks such as Black Tip Reef, Sand Tiger and Nurse Shark in Pacific Shipwreck.

London Aquarium Opening Times

Monday to Sunday, the aquarium opens from 10:00 to 18:00. However, the last admission is at 17:00. Saturdays, bank holidays, or school holidays you can visit the aquarium from 09:30 to 19:00 but the last entry is at 18:00. The opening times are subject to change. From time to time, due to providing exclusive events, they might close early.

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How much does sea life cost?


London Aquarium Prices 

  • Adults: starts from £27.00 per ticket. (The prices are subject to change.)
  • Children: £22.00 per ticket.
  • Concession: £16.50 per ticket      (Children under the age of 3 go in free.)

SEA LIFE London Aquarium Advance Ticket

The sea world London Aquarium has available tours at additional costs. A qualified aquarist guide will lead you all the way through an underwater experience and adventure along with over 600 marines. Take the exceptional opportunity to join the behind-the-scenes tour or group tours with special rates. Be a part of the VIP Tour and come face to face with so many incredible animals. You can help feed the sharks, turtle, seahorse, and more. This guided tour gives you access to special places that are not available to the other visitors. 

Advance Ticket with Behind the Scenes Tour

Day Out with The Kids or Private Events

Bring the family and have a fun day out with the kids. SEA LIFE London Aquarium They have a strict no eat and drink policy, so there are no restaurants to relax. However, there are some great ones available nearby of the aquarium. This visit could be a lifetime experience with on entering the sea life London aquarium, find out the talks and feeding times as they are subject to change. The aquarium even caters for a unique wedding proposal experience. Including Pommery Brut Champagne. With expert divers helping deliver the “will you marry me” surprise.

Disabilities Access- Do Carers Go Free at Sea Life Centre?

To make sure that everyone can have significant experience, the aquarium is a totally wheelchair accessible. However, they don’t offer loops in the building. But they have all the signs around the place.  They also accept guide dogs. In addition, people with a disability can get an extraordinary rate and discount. For example, they will supply an additional free ticket for carers upon your arrival. You need to provide the DLA/DWP/PIP letters and a blue badge. International visitors have to provide ISA (international symbol of access) letters. So basically it will work out buy one get one free!

Toilets and Services in London Aquarium

The aquarium has several toilets and baby changing facilities. Accessible toilets are also available. Every floor inside the attraction has toilets, which include a baby-changing place. You can find toilets positioned at the start of the attraction following the glass shark walk and Rainforest Adventure.

Can I take a pushchair or buggy into SEA LIFE London Aquarium?

Yes, you can. You can bring buggy or pushchair into the attraction, but you must keep and secure it during the visit. The security team will take unattended items away. 

Is there a Gift Shop?

You can find the gift shop towards the end of your visit to buy souvenirs and gifts there.

SEA LIFE London Aquarium Address

County Hall, Westminster Bridge Road, London, SE1 7PB

Travelling by Train to SEA LIFE

Waterloo Train Station is the closest one. When you come out of the station, follow the instruction or map walking towards the London Eye.

Is there any parking available at Sea Life London?

Westminster Car Park (The Q-Park) situated only a few minutes walking distances from the Aquarium. To get a 15% discount for your car park, you need to book it in advance. The promotion code is SEALIFE. Also; Please check out the Congestion Charge London, which operates from Monday-Friday.

Westminster Car Park (The Q-Park) Website

How do I get to the London Aquarium?

At first, if you are using public transport, you will need an Oster card. Here you can get information about the advantages of using Oyster Card or Contactless Cards in London. The SEA LIFE London Aquarium is on the southern side of the river Thames close to London Eye, Westminster Bridge, Big Ben and Houses of Parliament. Forgoing to the London Aquarium, there is a range of transport available. However, public transportation is the most recommended one.

Directions to SEA LIFE London Aquarium by London Buses

Westminster Abbey London Red Bus Portobello MarketThere are several Bus services which stop near the Aquarium. 12, 53, 59, 76, 148, 159, 211, 341,77 RV1,211,1,4,26, 381, X68, 168, 171, 172, 176, 188, 243, 507 and 638.
Also, the London Hop-on- Hop-off buses use the same bus stops as the drop-off or pickup points. To find out more visit Journey  Planner.

How can I get to SEA LIFE London by Underground?

London-Underground---Oyster-Card-London Aquarium

Waterloo and Westminster are the nearest tube stations to London Aquarium. You will find the Westminster underground on District Line, Circle, and Jubilee line. Coming out the Westminster tube towards the Aquarium look for the Westminster Bridge Exit. Cross the Bridge and on the left-hand side, you can see London Eye, which is next to the Aquarium in County Hall. Waterloo Station tube is another choice to travel to the London Eye or SEA LIFE London Aquarium. Within the Northern Bakerloo, Waterloo & City lines. From the Waterloo exit, you can follow the London Eye. But if you coming from Waterloo look for South Bank exit sign(No. 6). Walk to Coca-Cola London Eye direction.

Click Here to Download The Tube Map 

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Walking Map Direction From Westminster Station to London SEA LIFE Aquarium

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