London Dungeon an Incredible Tourist Attractions|Tickets & Video

London Dungeon is one of the most incredible tourist attractions in London.

London Dungeon

The London Dungeon started in 1974 when Annabel Geddes funded a memorial connected with macabre history depicting gory displays by the museum. Over time, the actual Dungeon offers changed into a great actor-led, interactive experience with both equally amusing and gentle scary aspects, such as Jack the Ripper or Sweeney Todd. The original show exposed throughout 1975 as a gory horror memorial of which exhibited traditional events. The actual memorial has been a free movement destination as well as presented models and animations to highlight it is displayed.

The London Dungeon functions eighteen shows, 20 famous actors and 3 trips and offers evolved for being a great actor-led, interactive experience.


The Dungeon includes a wonderful toss connected with theatrical famous actors. Also, unique consequences, phases, and displays.  Trips in a genuinely special and fascinating walk through experience which you discover, hear, touch, stench, and sense. its hilarious enjoyment, and it’s sometimes a tad terrifying. The London Dungeon is actually among nine Dungeons during the European Union.  The particular ride had been constructed by WGH Ltd and had been to a great extent crafted along with versions depicting different torturous clips. Many of the treatment and execution tactics to show for the Dungeon integrated Stocks and options. Pillory, Flogging, Put Driven and Quartered, Boiling Alive, Gibbet Iron as well as the Tibur Pine. that has been a draping from the 3 legged gallows structure.


 The London Dungeon is amongst the capitals signature sites that delighting audiences for nearly forty years.

It makes the Dungeon of some horrible factors besides autos like the torturer This trouble medical doctor, Sweeney Todd, Whitened cathedral labyrinth, Jack the Ripper, the judge. Its mix of gentle scary gore, historic facts and capability to evolve having its reader’s anticipations the particular Greater London Dungeon it’s still enjoyable and scary readers for many years to come.


Opening Hours

The opening hours are from 10 am to 6 pm. However, apart from the following days, the London Dungeon is open every day.  The 8th of May. 5th of June. 25th of September. 27th November and 19th of December. the London Dungeon stays open till late.

Address: Riverside Building, County Hall, Westminster Bridge Road, City of London, Greater London SE1 7PB

 How to get to the London Dungeon?

Before we can explain how to get there, we like to mention that if you have Hop on Hop off London Bus Tour ticket; no need to use any other transport to the London Dungeon. Because you can use the Hop on Hop off buses to London Eye, stop and walk to the Dungeon. However, if you prefer using Public Transport, you have a choice of using underground (Metro-Tube or Subway) or London Red Buses.

By underground stations

There are two underground stations near the London Dungeon with a few minutes walking distance.

  • Waterloo Station is on the Jubilee (Gray) Line and Northern (Black) Line. Waterloo Station is about 5 minutes walking from the London Dungeon.
  • Westminster Station is on District (Green) Line and Circle (Yellow) Line is also close to the Dungeon. Both stations have disability access.

 London Red Buses

the following bus route numbers take you to London Dungeon: Bus number 21,35,40,43,47,48,78,133,149,381

TO buy your ticket, please click on the below button. Combination tickets with other attractions are available.

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