London Heathrow Express a fast and cheap journey to or from the airport!

London Heathrow Express running a fast and cheap journey to and from Heathrow Airport.

What is the best way to get to Heathrow from London?

The fastest service from London to Heathrow Airport is London Heathrow Express. The “First Class” service provides the larger seats, and legroom, tables, newspapers and magazines in a quiet zone carriage. If you are travelling to Heathrow on a regular base, buying the Carnet ticket might be a lower alternative price for you. 

Where do I catch the Heathrow Express?

London to Heathrow

You need to go to the Paddington underground station. Paddington is on the District and Circle lines, the Bakerloo line and Hammersmith and City Line.  

Heathrow to Central London

You can hop on the London Heathrow Express trains from Heathrow Central (Terminal 1, 2 & 3) and Heathrow Terminal 5. To go to Terminal 4 use the free ride to Heathrow Central (Terminal 1, 2 & 3) and find London Heathrow Express.

What line is Paddington on?

From one of the following lines, you can reach to Paddington Underground Station. District (Green) and Circle(Yellow) lines, Bakerloo (Brown) line and Hammersmith and City (Pink).

How long is the train ride from Heathrow to Paddington?

Travelling time from Heathrow (Terminal 2 and 3) to Paddington is 15 minutes. However Terminal 5, 6 minutes and Terminal 4, 12 minutes more.

London Heathrow expressWhat time does the Heathrow Express start?

  • London Paddington Station:

    Monday to Saturday, the first train leaves the at 05:10 am and on Sundays is 06:25 am.

  • Heathrow Terminal 5:                                                                             Monday to Saturday the early train starts the service at 5:07 and on Sundays is 06:18.

  • Terminal 2&3 Heathrow:                                                                            The earliest leaves at 05:12 am and on Sundays is 06:23.
  • Heathrow Terminal 4:                                                                                The first train departs from at 05:23 and on Sundays is 06:07.

Buying the Carnet Heathrow Express ticket allows you to save money on your travel costs to Heathrow. You pay for nine single journeys, but you can use the same ticket for 12 separate trips. Therefore, you get three Heathrow travel free. (The ticket is valid for one year.) Tickets are available online or at the stations. The children under 15 are free.

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How much does Heathrow Express cost?

  • Saver: An adult single journey cost £21 and a return ticket is £34.
  • First Class: Adult charge for a single journey is £29 and a return ticket is £52.
  • Standard:  The price for an adult single trip is £26 and the return fare is £39.
  • Carnet: This ticket is for 12 journeys, and it’s valid for 12 months. The piece is £189.00.
  • Business Carnet: This ticket is for 12 trips, and it’s valid for 12 months. The piece is £261.00.

Booking and Collecting Tickets for Heathrow Express

When you book online, they will send the ticket to your email or mobile.  Also, if you book a wrong date or your flight cancelled, don’t worry your Heathrow Express ticket is valid for three months and you could use your ticket.

Discounts and Deals

Check out our discount tickets and deals, including reduced-rate group tickets and Carnets. Apart from the ticket, if you get an Oyster Card or Railcard, you can also use these cards for your travel to Heathrow at the same price.

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