10 Best High Tech Vacuum Cleaners for Home 2020

Best High Tech Vacuum Cleaners

There are many brands of vacuum cleaners. Among the many best high tech vacuum cleaners, which brand is better? here we give you an inventory of the best vacuum cleaner in 2020, you can pay attention.

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Top 10 vacuum cleaners brand rankings For Home

Vacuum cleaners are already one of the most commonly used household appliances. So, with so many vacuum cleaner brands on the market, how should we choose? Which brand of vacuum cleaner is better? The following is a list of the 2017 vacuum cleaner brands in the editor’s inventory. I hope it will be helpful for everyone in buying vacuum cleaners.

Germany tomefon Fena

tomefon is a brand that focuses on robot vacuum cleaners and is also a successful pioneer and navigator in the vacuum cleaner product field. It has become the most popular vacuum cleaner brand and has been the best-selling vacuum cleaner in the European market for eight consecutive years.

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    Top 10 vacuum cleaners brand rankings For Home


    Philips is a multinational company with a century-old brand history and one of the world’s leading electronic appliances companies. In the field of vacuum cleaners, Philips uses the innovative technology of hurricane delamination, which can separate air and ash layer in one use; HEPA washable filter, Capable of catching fine dust, and filtering dust layer effectively. These two technologies shorten the cleaning time.

    Top 10 vacuum cleaners brand rankings For Home

    3 Panasonic

    Panasonic is a multinational company in Japan, and its reputation has spread all over the world, spanning multiple regions. The product has excellent performance and is a well-known vacuum cleaner brand in the world.

    4 Midea/Beautiful

    Midea is one of the largest and well-known domestic appliance companies in China. Its reputation and popularity are very high at home and abroad, and it is deeply trusted and favored by consumers. With its mature operation technology, Midea vacuum cleaner has the advantages of great suction power, easy to use, one-button switch, take-up, waste dumping and so on. Domestic brands believe that everyone knows that there is no need to say more, personally think that the beauty of the hand is the horizontal vacuum cleaner.

    5 Dyson

    Dyson is a British brand, and their handheld vacuum cleaners are very popular among young people. Its new generation Air Amplifier (air flow multiplier) technology has been awarded the Quiet Mark by the British Noise Control Association. Its quiet working state is deeply loved by consumers, and Dyson’s biggest advantage is its simplicity and lightness, which is very convenient.

    6 Puppy

    China Puppy is the earliest domestic vacuum cleaner brand manufacturer founded in Beijing in 1999. It is very popular among domestic consumers. The more popular types are horizontal vacuum cleaners and wireless vacuum cleaners. The market share is a drop. In addition, the puppy vacuum cleaner has a stylish and beautiful appearance, is more convenient to operate, and is also better in cleaning. Cost-effective, in short, more popular, suitable for ordinary families to start.

    7 Cobos

    Cobos sweeping robots are the most famous. This is a company specializing in the research and development of home service robots. It has always regarded technological innovation as the life of the product. By May 2015, Cobos had applied for 885 patents at home and abroad. Cobos has the most complete product line of vacuum cleaners at present, with a complete range and performance. It has a broad domestic market and is praised by consumers from all over the world.

    8 Electrolux

    Electrolux was founded in 1919 in Sweden. It is a world-famous electrical equipment manufacturing company and a Fortune 500 company. Its main industry is cleaning equipment, and the vertical vacuum cleaner is more outstanding in the vacuum cleaner field.

    9 Lexy

    Lake was established in 1994 and is a listed company. Its high-speed commutator motor and centrifugal fan technology are well-known internationally. It is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the development, design, production and sales of household cleaning series electrical products.

    10 KARCHER

    Karcher was founded in Germany in 1935. It is a well-known enterprise in the global cleaning technology. It launched the portable pressure washer earlier, and is well-known in the car washer, steam mop, and vacuum cleaner industries.

    The above is the editor’s inventory of the brand of vacuum cleaners. I believe that everyone must have an answer to the question of what brand of vacuum cleaner is good.

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