Do You Know Why is Everyone so Excited to Visit London? 

Visiting London? What makes London so special? Well, the answer is not just free words, but the sightseeing list is endless when you visit London.

Visit London

Visit London for a perfect and unforgettable experience. Maybe you are not much of a traveller. Maybe you have a tight budget, but there is one place you need to visit, and that is London. The city is unlike any other in the world, so why not start making your booking right here online? There are many reasons to convince why to visit London.

Where should I go If I visit London? 

The sightseeing list is endless when you visit London. Never think a few days of holidays can cover all or most of the attractions. However, all we can do is to do our best. OK, let’s start from one of the most interesting events for almost every visitor.

Legendary Sightseeing

Changing Guards-Visit London

Changing Guard at Buckingham Palace

Changing Guard at Buckingham Palace is one of the most attracted ceremonies for London visitors.   The official start time for Changing Guard at Buckingham Palace is 11:30 am; however, the Changing Guard with band arrives at Buckingham Palace from 11:15 am. The ceremony takes about 30 minutes. Read more…

Buckingham Palace-Visit London

Visit Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace tour starts from July 25th to September 27th where you can explore the Royal Family Life. Buckingham Palace tour brings up the opportunity to step back into time, discovering the legacies that this world-famous residence holds. Read more…

Westminster Abbey- Visit London

Westminster Abbey

The Westminster Abbey Museum is a great attraction and one of the most prehistorical parts of the Abbey. Westminster Abbey is a historical experience for all tourists who visit London. Located to the west of the Royal Palace of Westminster the Abbey is a living church where worship still takes place and has been for the last seven centuries. Read more…

London Free Museums

British Museum-Visit London

British Museum

London is offering world-class museums with free admission. British Museum is one of the most popular and top free museums in London. The museum prided itself for being admission-free since its foundation for all visitors. Read more…

Other London Attractions


Discover a rich history when you visit London. London has a long and theatrical story to tell tourists visiting.  The cities packed with culture, new developments, and stories to tell. Visit the museums for a history of London from medieval times to today. Relax in the Hampton Court Palace or creep through the dark dungeons in London.

As mentioned before the sightseeing list is endless. There is much more to visit. For instance London Eye, Shakespeares Globe, Big Ben, Trafalgar Square, London Royal Parks, London Zoo and much more. Also, you can take advantage of Hop on one bus and do some sightseeing. Spot some great sights from the top of these double-decker buses. If we want to name each one of them, it will be hours and hours of writing and reading. Therefore, we offer you to look at Free Things to do in London or UK attractions to find out more. London is all budget welcome city.

Are there any other reasons to visit London?

Yes, there are, and that’s for sure.

The fascinating people of London.


When you visit London, you see that most of the people are friendly and willing to help if you ask for information or directions. Londoners always welcoming the visitors of their city from all over the world. In London, no one is a stranger and everyone feels home.

A shopping experience you will never forget

Whether you are just nosing past the shopping windows or have a hole in your pocket, this is the place to be. Visit London for an overwhelmed shopping experience. You will not regret it! There are several shops in Oxford Street and some charming boutiques around Carnaby Street. Find some affordable bargains around every corner of London.


The world’s known London street markets 

Bricklane Market, Covent Garden Market, Camden Market, Portobello Market are just a few names of the world’s known markets in London.

The surprising morsels

Visit London for some surprising morsels in your life. Walkthrough the peaceful gardens and green spaces throughout the city. It will surprise you how peaceful you feel at the end. Build onetime memories with family and friends while you watch the people feeding the Pelicans, or take a stroll through the London Zoo. There is plenty of surprising morsels around every corner. Put on some comfortable sneakers, walk the streets, and be amazed of how each neighbourhood differs from the other.

Londoners play hard at nighttimes

Night life in London

Visit London for a different nightlife experience. When the sun goes down, the Londoners come out to play. Here the night owl can find plenty to do. Visit the classic clubs, theatres, dive bars, and plenty of nightclubs. You can find Hollywood right at your doorstep. Book a ticket for a great evening show or event from a West End musical to a great live concert and have your mind blown away. Visit people who are doing interesting and incredible things. The reason for this is the diversity of fascinating people living there. Here you will find people doing street and acrobatic acts. Each one has a story to tell and some of them even have amazing stories to tell, especially in the pubs.

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