Walks in London!Amazing places to visit around Buckingham Palace.

Walks in London is one of the best ways to explore this magnificent city on your foot, with a pair of good shoes.

If you enjoy walking, walking around in London on foot would be the best bet to exploring the city. Walks in London is one effective way to visit and explore the city. Westminster Walk plan is perfect for visitors with a brief stay. Otherwise, each street in London has its own history and offering interesting places to visit. 

Where are the best places to walk around in London?

In fact, London offers a vast number of beautiful routes and pathways. From open green spaces to street walks. There are lots of different options on your doorstep. This guide will describe the Westminster walk and help you discover this magical part of London on foot. This short guide covers a tiny but most magnificent and historical part of the city of London. To explore all the attractions and the city by walking, you need plenty of time, energy, and a pair of comfortable shoes.

Walks in London“London Self-walking tour” has a load of benefits. For instance, it is the cheapest, and you are free to stop in your favourite places as long as you like. Within a short distance, you can cover many of the beautiful main sights of London. One of the best places to walk around in London is Westminster. Before we start, let us remind you that even the best London walking tours guide you just for a few hours and after that, you are on your own!

Self – Guided Walks in London

Visit Buckinham PalaceThe Westminster Walk

Buckingham Palace-It is impressive where you can experience a thousand years history of London in a small part of Westminster. Here you can visit several iconic landmarks and attractions with a short distance from each other. In our London self walking tour guide, you’ll come across lots of culture and history. Our guide aims to make it well worth the visit and show you the best places to walk around in London.

For a start, probably the most perfect place is the Buckingham Palace and changing of the guard.  In fact, the walk suggested here is in a small area of Westminster. However, you can start from any place you like or interested. This visit is not about the inside of the palace. However, you can visit Buckingham Palace in Summer and enjoy the afternoon tea

Changing the Guard at Buckingham Palace

Change of Guard Buckingham Palace

The Guard and the band normally arrive at 11:15 am and at 11:30 officially the change of guards started. The ceremony finishes at noon. So, if you like to have a better view, you need to be there around 10 or 10:30 am.

Visit the Queen’s Gallery at Buckingham Palace

The Queen's Gallery

Visit the Queen’s Gallery and look at many perfect art displays such as paintings, statues, sculptures and more fantastic artworks that offered by the Royal Collection.

Adult £13.50
Over 60 years old £12.20
Student £10.80 
Under 17/Disabled
Under 5 Free Free
Family (2 adults and 3 under 17s) £33.50

Book Directly or Get More Information 

Guards Museum

Changing Guard

On your way back from “The Queen’s Gallery” don’t forget to visit the Guards Museum on the right side of St. James Park in Birdcage Walk. It is about 6 minutes away if you walk from the gallery towards the museum. The Guards Museum has provided an extensive selection of artefacts and information from the history of five regiments of Foot Guards. The museum offers varieties of weapons and uniforms and weapons and many other fascinating items. The museum is open every day from 10 am to 4 pm. The last admission is at 3:30 pm. Tickets for adults is £8 and under 16 goes free(an adult must accompany 16 years of age and under). Students (with student card) and seniors over 65 years’ old pay £5.00. Military personnel pay £2.00. Disable people with a carer (2 people in total) pay for one which is £8.00.

Walks in London- St. James Park

walks in londonTo carry on with your Westminster walk and after visiting the “Guards Museum”, the other side of Birdcage Walk, visit the beautiful St., James Park.  The park is peaceful and magnificent with a fantastic lake. After Queen Victoria dies in 1901, Sir Webb created and designed the Memorial Gardens.Princess Diana The garden needs 22,500 plants in summer and 50,000 red tulips and yellow flowers in winter. near 20,000,000 people visit the St. James Park, last year and that makes this park the most visited park in Europe. Also, the lake in St. James Park is home of the bird’s life.  You can have plenty of pictures around the park and the lake with your loved ones.

The Diana Memorial Walk

is another perfect place you can visit at St. James Park. The pathway will take you throughout locations and sight of famous buildings related to Princess’s life. The memorial walk is around seven-mile-long and you will pass 90 memorial tablets and plaques and four other major parks in London. Also, In June 2020, the Horse Guards Parade offers a musical event for two evenings.

Download Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Walk Map

Churchill War Rooms & Imperial War Museum

After a few minutes walking in Horse Guards Road, turn right to Kings Charles Street to visit the Cabinet War Room, which will take you back to the Second World War. King Charles Street, surrounded by the imposing government buildings on either side. Discover and uncover the churchill’s story and his underground life in Bunker and theWinston Churchill Cabinet War Room. Also, find out about the staff’s life stories in the underground offices. They had to work, rest and live there because of the vital hours from 1938 to 1945. Discover important objects, images and selection of personal items, artefacts of the time and the staff interviews who worked there. Disclose the secret life of people who had to live and work in secret with Winston Churchill throughout the Second World War. Learn about exceptional 90 years of Churchill’s life.

Walking Around in London-Downing Street

Westminster Walk - Downing Street

Downing Street

Walk back to Horseguards Road towards the east about a few minutes until you see the sign for Downing Street. The prime minister of the UK works in number 10 and living at 11 Downing Street. They built the street at the end of the 16 century(the 1680s) by Sir George Downing. at the end of Downing Street turn right into Whitehall and on the right side of the road is the Cenotaph, dated back to 1920. 

Walks in London- Big Ben

Big Ben walking in LondonTo continue with the Westminster walk guide, at the eastern end of House of Parliament, the Big Ben, London’s famous icon is just above your head. Big Ben built-in 1020.

House of Parliament and House of Lords

Walking in Westminster LondonFurther up, at the end of Birdcage walk (towards the south), you will see the House of Parliament and House of Lords. Just near to the parliament house.

Jewel towerJewel Tower survived from this catastrophic accident. It erected to house the jewels of the king, and now it has become an attraction for the tourists. On the way, if you keep going to the south of the Jewel tower, you can see a large grass area at the end of which there is a road; the Royal College Street. When you enter the road, you can feel a unique atmosphere and many iconic buildings. At the end of the street, there is Dean’s yard, and you can compare it with a small village being in a dense urban settlement. Schools and churches surround the area.

St Margaret’s Church

St Margaret’s ChurchBest walks in London-Discover the famous St Margaret’s Church dated back to the 11th century. The church is next door to Jewel Tower. 

Westminster Abbey


At the end of the yard, you will discover the entry of the most desirable and attractive tourist site- and that would be the Westminster Abbey which erected in 1065 AD. Although the maximum part of the Westminster Abbey was alomost destroyed in 1834,  As a religious place now it has become a place for coronations, funerals and marriages.

 Best Walks in London-Central Hall

Central HallAfter leaving Westminster Abbey, keep walking towards the north. Cross the Victoria Street and then turn on the next door, Storey Gate, where you are facing Central Hall. It housed the first assembly of the United Nations. Central Hall is using for large venues, and it’s one of the English favourite film locations. 

Which Way to go?

To continue with walk-in London plan, move along the Storey Gate street to the north. At the T-junction, turn right to Great George Street. After a few minutes walking, you reach to Parliament Square, where you can decide which way to go! To continue with a walk around London, choose between going towards south or east. In the South, you can see the stunning Icon Coca-Cola London Eye and rest of historical and magnificent buildings and famous River Thames and from the east heading to Trafalgar Square. If you would call it a day, that’s fine. Just walk towards Westminster Underground Station to get the metro to your place.

best places to walk around in london - Walks in LondonOtherwise, to carry on with your walking around in London, continue walking along the Great George Street towards the Westminster Bridge. At the end of the bridge, after South Bank Lion, turn left to the Queen’s Walk.  This is the place that takes another day to explore. The Sea Life Centre, London Dungeon and the London Eye. 

Use Public Services when you are tired to walk!

Tube Station near Westminster-AbbeyIf you getting tired, use the London Red Buses or London Underground for returning to your place. Just make sure you have your Oyster Card with you. Also, don’t forget to grab a street map of London from your hotel’s lobby. It’s handy, and it’s free!


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